Girlrillaz: My Life For the Month of October!

Working with actress Lola Kirke on set of Girlrillaz
For the last month I've been working all over New York City and Brooklyn on a new independent feature film called Girlrillaz. It's been a wild ride with lots of unexpected hurdles to overcome, but most of all tons of fun. Seriously the best cast and crew.

Due to the unfortunate hurricane/tropical storm that has ravaged the east coast, we have been set back a few days in what was supposed to be our last week of filming. But we are a resilient (and luckily safe and unharmed) bunch, and will be back at it later this week.

For now I've had time to reorganize my kit, sort out the mess on my digital desktop that has built up over the last few weeks, and most importantly spend some quality time with my other half in our new apartment! Seeing his sleepy, blanket-shrouded face in the dark at 4:30am when I left to catch the train every day just wasn't cutting it!

Be sure to read more about Girlrillaz on Facebook and keep up with us on Instagram (@mgmua #girlrillaz).


NYC Wedding: Melissa & Justin

So remember that time I got to work with this beautiful and funny bride at a castle in Long Island? No? Well then check out the rest of the photos from Shira Weinberger Photography over on her blog. Gorgeous.



California Wedding: Christina & Paul

Meet Christina and Paul. Their wedding a few months ago in California was such a great time. You can just feel the love, can't you? For a wedding with so many incredibly tattooed folks in attendance, you may be surprised to know just how many tears (of joy) were shed. These two just make everything seem right in the world.

The fabulous Rock N' Roll Bride featured Christina and Paul's big day recently. Head over there or to photographer Matt Miller of Our Labor of Love's blog to see more.



NYC Wedding: Judith & Paul

Here's a sneak peak at Judith & Paul's wedding from back in June. They had a fabulous celebration in Southampton with their family and friends. Fun fact: The Hamptons are smack dab in the middle between the bride's hometown in England and the groom's in Texas. What a great location for the families to meet! I can't wait to share the rest of the beautiful photos by the talented Jen Huang in the coming months. For now here's a peek from right before Judith put her dress on.



Behind the Scenes

I recently worked on a short horror film called Tibieblas that my friend Niki directed. Here's a little behind the scenes photo of filming at 3:00am out in the woods & a "just got beat up and shot" touch up on the fly. Sometimes the best tools are your fingers and a palette of color.



NYC Wedding: Racheal & David

I feel so blessed to be in the midst of my busiest wedding season ever while I am still so new in this big city. I owe so much to all the amazing artists I have met out here, who have all been so wonderfully supportive. Who also recently reminded me that I haven't posted here in a while. Shame on me! So I figured what better way to get back in the swing of things than to share a beautiful New York City wedding with you!

Last month Racheal and David got married. From the moment I met Racheal I knew I loved her! She had a Pandora station going with the coolest songs (she works in music, so that was a given!), and I'm a sucker for a lady with killer bangs! We created a really timeless, yet young and fresh look for her that fit perfectly with her amazing tea length wedding dress. She brought her ideas to me as far as what she liked and wanted, then I put my spin on it. On the big day we ended up with a soft palette of pale pinks and taupey grey for her eyes, winged liner, glossy pink lips, and glowing skin. I can't wait to see more photos of their big day! For now, check out these wonderful shots that photographer Eddy Vallante shared on his blog. And congrats to the happy couple!



Brush Up

When I meet clients who are having trouble with a certain technique, or say that they can't figure out why (fill in the blank) is happening when they apply makeup, my first question is always, "What does your brush look like?" Often times they are using a brush that is old and worn out, poor quality, hasn't been washed this decade (shame!), or is just plain not right for the job they are trying to do. You wouldn't stir pancake batter with a straw would you? Hopefully not. The same idea goes for makeup brushes. The wrong tool can make a mess of what you are trying to accomplish. And the right tool can make it so much easier.

The problem that often arises then, is that there are so many options to chose from. I personally use a variety of brushes on myself, and also carry a number of different brands in my kit. I had the luxury of getting brushes at a steep discount when I used to work for a cosmetic line, and while those are still in my kit and serving me well after all these years, I don't know that they're in my price range these days. That sucks for the everyday consumer. Because it's confusing. How are you supposed to choose between one really expensive brush, or a whole bunch that cost less? There are many options on the market, and I hope I can help give some insight. And honestly, price means nothing. All that matters is the quality, and the way it performs. I have brushes I picked up for a couple dollars that I love just as much as brushes that retail for over $60. It's silly.

I'm making a mental note to break down the world of brushes here in future posts. But for now I wanted to share a little about some brushes that were sent to me for an honest review. I recently received three brushes from Stilazzi to play with and talk about. I had the chance to use them on set for a music video with an older male actor, as well as over this past weekend during two different bridal consultations. I am pleasantly surprised.

I say surprised only because of what I mentioned earlier. There are so many brushes on the market. And a lot of them are pretty terrible. So I never know what to expect. These brushes are really great.

1. Buff Brush (Retails $30 and worth every penny) - Favorite! Big, dense, fluffy head. Rocking a flat top that is incredible for buffing face makeup. You could use this to apply powder all over. I used it after applying bronzer and blush to my bride, to literally buff everything so it appeared completely seamless. I've needed a brush like this for a while. It's something I would buy for myself, and also my kit.
2. Medium Shadow Brush (Retails $21) - A smaller, thicker head, about index finger nail size. Great for soft shadow application on the lid.
3. Flat Shadow Brush (Retails $22) - A larger, flat head, a little bigger than thumbnail size. Works great for quick all over shadow color. I also used it to pat concealer under the eyes.

  • Quality natural fibers, meaning they are great for powder or creams
  • Firm, but soft to the touch
  • Good handle length, not too long or short
  • Super lightweight
  • Little to no shedding
  • Mid-range price

  • There was a little "dust" that fluffed out of them at first, though that's normal (tip: always wash your new brushes before using to clean/sanitize them from production and shipping)
  • The ferrule (part that holds handle & fibers together) on the face Buff brush felt a little loose, though it doesn't hinder use at all
  • Mid-range price (like I said before, I have some very inexpensive brushes that I adore)

Overall I really loved these brushes, and they will definitely be a staple in my kit. I will probably pick up another of the Buff brush for myself since it really impressed me. And the Makeup Show is coming up in NYC, so I will be checking out the rest of the brushes in person to add some more to my stash. Frends Beauty Supply carries them in store in Hollywood, and also online.

What questions do you guys have about brushes? I'd love to address some in a future post.


What's In My Kit? Take a Peek with Pinterest...

A few weeks ago, I sat back and jotted down some ideas for blog posts. I was feeling uninspired and unmotivated. Hence my silence for a while there. So I looked to good old-fashioned brainstorming on paper. I looked at my list, and while some are definitely ideas that will show up here in the coming months, some were so vague I didn't know where to even start.
I'm sure many of you turn to the internet to look for inspiration just like I do. I am constantly reading blogs and pinning things to my boards on Pinterest to keep track of everything. Fashion, hair style ideas, home decor, etc. I've been using Pinterest for a long time now, and am so happy to see it growing in popularity. It's so community based, and I love seeing what inspires my friends and fellow artists on there.

It finally donned on me that it would be a great place share what products are in my kit and why I love them! And I am finally getting around to setting this particular board up.

So check out my "What's In My Kit?" board, and take a peek inside my makeup kit to see what I am using on my clients, and why I love these products. And if you are not already using Pinterest, what are you waiting for?!


I Love My Brides & My Brides Love Me!

Thanks to the great reviews from past clients, I got this little gem! Word of mouth is so important in this industry, and if it weren't for the kind words my beautiful brides have left for me on sites like Wedding Wire and Yelp, I wouldn't be able to keep doing what I am doing. I've been busy getting my ducks in a row here in NYC. It's overwhelming to say the least. But this city has so much to offer. I'm trying to break into more film and TV here. It's a long process. But I love my brides, and will always be honored to share these special days with them, no matter what direction my career heads in. More blog posts soon, I promise. And I can't wait to share some New York weddings with you this season! I have a feeling it's going to be great!

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One of the most in-demand models of the moment, Karlie Kloss, started a Tumblr. Add Kloss Gloss to your feed immediately. I certainly did. I look forward to seeing her editorials, behind-the-scenes photos, and more. A peek at my own Tumblr page clearly gives you a peek at the sort of stuff floating around in my head at any given moment.

 I am loving this video of her Dec/Jan Numero cover shoot. Undeniably gorgeous and makes me want to start testing with killer models and other creatives out here in NYC.

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