Not Goodbye, But See Ya Later...

That's a wrap for A La Mused, my friends. I've spent the last few weeks working on an entire overhaul and redesign of my actual website (www.morgangates.com). And after weighing the pros/cons, I have decided to integrate my blog directly into my website. It will now be hosted there, updated there, and live and breathe over there. A La Mused will stay up for some time, but eventually will cease to exist.

As artists we constantly grow and evolve, which might just be a nice way of saying we are perfectionists who are never satisfied. Or maybe that's just me. I have never quite loved this, nor have I totally loved my website. So as I started redesigning my site, I started getting the itch to change up how I blog too. And quite frankly I think the beauty blogging world is so over saturated, I don't want to try to be anything I'm not. But what I am is a professional makeup artist who likes to share things every once in a while. And a blog within my website seems like just the right place to do that.

So go check out my new website! And check out the blog section there. I've brought over the archives from here so I don't lose the old goodies, and I plan to just pick up where I've left off. It's streamlined into the site design, and I think, at least for now, exactly what I want/need.

Add me to your blog readers, and if you haven't got one, I highly suggest using Feedly. I've made the switch since word broke that Google Reader will be killed off soon. Feedly makes it really easy to manage the content you like to read & be inspired by. I'm still working on creating an easy way to "follow" directly from my site, but for now good ol' "copy-paste" works well!

Hope you will all join me over there!

See ya on the flip side!



Red Carpet Makeup For Monique Coleman

While working on an independent feature film last fall, I had the pleasure of getting to know some really amazing actresses. The characters they were portraying weren't exactly the type to spend time in front of the mirror, so the time spent in the makeup chair every day was more about seamless, "no makeup" makeup. But when you spend about a month on set with someone ensuring they don't look like they are wearing makeup, all you really want to do is doll them up!

So of course I love when they call me for a red carpet event! Most recently I had the pleasure of working with Monique Coleman for two events. First for the "Half the Sky Movement: The Game" launch, and later that week for the NYC primiere of "Girl Rising."

For the first look we wanted to have a fun pop of color on the lips, and the second look we chose to play up her eyes with smokey shadow. Monique loves to experiment with makeup and is just the sweetest. I cannot wait to work together again!

Read more about Half the Sky & Girl Rising
Photos via Getty Images


Oscars 2013: Best Everything Goes to...

Jessica Chastain!

I mean, really. Everyone else should have just gone home. She is always such perfection. Hair, makeup, wardrobe, styling. And so genuinely gracious. What a talented, bona fide babe! Definitely my favorite of the night.


NYC Wedding: Ashley & Colin

All this cold winter weather has me missing summer big time! Ashley and Colin were married in a lovely East Village garden on a warm day last August. With wedding season just around the corner, and my weekends starting to fill up on my calendar, I look forward to working with more beautiful couples like this one. Ashley did her trial on the same day as their engagement photos, which is a great way to discuss makeup plans for the big day while looking your best for those photos too. A great tip for you future brides!

Photos Courtesy of Trent Bailey Photography
Makeup by Morgan Gates


Happy Valentine's!

Put on some (long wear) lipstick and get to smoochin' today! Even if it's just a little peck for your pup or kitty! I've had a crazy week with New York Fashion Week bookings & shows, and will be spending today working with the lovely photographer Therese Aldgard who shot the above image during a recent shoot of ours. My man has to work tonight also. So I'll be making us a Valentine's breakfast tomorrow to celebrate instead. How are you spending the holiday? 

Makeup & Hair: Morgan Gates
Prop Stylist: Nicole Heffron
Model: Dallas of Major Models.  


Project Wedding Feature...Times Two! An Artsy-Chic Brooklyn Engagement

Last fall I had the absolute pleasure of working with a talented team to celebrate the engagement of Masha & Colin here in Brooklyn. These two are so ridiculously good-looking, it made my job incredibly easy. You can check out the full two-part feature over on Project Wedding.

Masha and I had so much fun with her makeup. The girl is not afraid of color and going the non-traditional route. She actually created the watercolor Save-the-Dates that inspired the entire shoot. So we of course wanted to tie in some color with her makeup. For look one we opted for a natural, soft color palette with just a subtle pop of lime green on the lid, and a smokey sage blurred into the lash lines.

For the second look, I was dying to see a rich jewel tone on Masha's lips. We also added some metallics and smokey plums on her eyes to dress it up to match the cool and effortless glamour these two just naturally ooze. 

Check out the two part feature on Project Wedding here and here. Thanks to the lovely couple for letting us share in their joy, and thanks to the fabulous team for making some serious magic!

Photos by Amber Gress Photography 
Hair Accessories by Thea Block-Neal of Hushed Commotion
Styling by Jenna Cantagallo 
Flowers by Kelly Cobb of 2h Flowers 
Makeup by Morgan Gates 
Cookies by Sarah Dorkin 
Save the Date and Menu by Masha D’yans


Girlrillaz: My Life For the Month of October!

Working with actress Lola Kirke on set of Girlrillaz
For the last month I've been working all over New York City and Brooklyn on a new independent feature film called Girlrillaz. It's been a wild ride with lots of unexpected hurdles to overcome, but most of all tons of fun. Seriously the best cast and crew.

Due to the unfortunate hurricane/tropical storm that has ravaged the east coast, we have been set back a few days in what was supposed to be our last week of filming. But we are a resilient (and luckily safe and unharmed) bunch, and will be back at it later this week.

For now I've had time to reorganize my kit, sort out the mess on my digital desktop that has built up over the last few weeks, and most importantly spend some quality time with my other half in our new apartment! Seeing his sleepy, blanket-shrouded face in the dark at 4:30am when I left to catch the train every day just wasn't cutting it!

Be sure to read more about Girlrillaz on Facebook and keep up with us on Instagram (@mgmua #girlrillaz).