Not Goodbye, But See Ya Later...

That's a wrap for A La Mused, my friends. I've spent the last few weeks working on an entire overhaul and redesign of my actual website (www.morgangates.com). And after weighing the pros/cons, I have decided to integrate my blog directly into my website. It will now be hosted there, updated there, and live and breathe over there. A La Mused will stay up for some time, but eventually will cease to exist.

As artists we constantly grow and evolve, which might just be a nice way of saying we are perfectionists who are never satisfied. Or maybe that's just me. I have never quite loved this, nor have I totally loved my website. So as I started redesigning my site, I started getting the itch to change up how I blog too. And quite frankly I think the beauty blogging world is so over saturated, I don't want to try to be anything I'm not. But what I am is a professional makeup artist who likes to share things every once in a while. And a blog within my website seems like just the right place to do that.

So go check out my new website! And check out the blog section there. I've brought over the archives from here so I don't lose the old goodies, and I plan to just pick up where I've left off. It's streamlined into the site design, and I think, at least for now, exactly what I want/need.

Add me to your blog readers, and if you haven't got one, I highly suggest using Feedly. I've made the switch since word broke that Google Reader will be killed off soon. Feedly makes it really easy to manage the content you like to read & be inspired by. I'm still working on creating an easy way to "follow" directly from my site, but for now good ol' "copy-paste" works well!

Hope you will all join me over there!

See ya on the flip side!