Meet Me in St. Louis

Happy May to you all! The month of April was filled with a 2 week film shoot coming to a wrap, a trip to Missouri to visit family, and a trip to Phoenix for a close friends' wedding. Plus trying to keep up with emails from brides via my trusty iPhone. So I have been MIA since my last post, but I have so very much to share in the coming weeks to make up for it! 

My time spent in Missouri started in St. Louis and ended in Springfield. I'm not sure what I was expecting when headed there, but I was quite taken by the beauty of the region. I also know I was still a few weeks early for the real blooms and greenery to take over the land. Still, St. Louis was blanketed in sweet smelling cherry blossom & dogwood trees. Staying just a walk across the street from the St. Louis Arch afforded great views of the area and all it had to offer. In Springfield, I encountered the most intense thunder and lightning storm, only to wake the next day to beautiful dogwood trees overflowing with bright blossoms. On a drive through more rural areas to see where my great grandparents grew up, bright green grass & dairy cows covered every inch of land in all directions. 

As a San Diego native, wildlife doesn't exactly land in my backyard. Sea gulls are about the extent of my bird watching experience. You can imagine my joy to be sitting in my aunt's backyard only to see cardinals, blue jays, robins, squirrels and many other critters enjoying the warm weather and lush plant life brought by the storms. I even spotted a few wild turkeys. I will be driving through the area later in the year, and can't wait to see the seasonal changes in scenery. But for now, Spring in Missouri had so much to offer!

All photos by me, and may not be used without permission.